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Alice knows your company's brand or logo is a powerful visual to aid in reminding customers of past services provide.

The introductions of a small but tasteful gratuity with proper branding can make a big impact in establishing brand loyalty. The level of personal usefulness, the perceived value and esthetic quality of the gift will build a strong loyalty to brand. Embroidered or monogrammed apparel is one of the most prized gratuities an appreciative business can present to a customer.

Alice Embroidery offers a premium service producing some of the finest quality embroidery work in the industry. Alice Embroidery is the place the other places send their embroidering too. Alice Embroidery has the knowledge, equipment and capability to meet not only Alice's strict standard of excellence but each customer's expectation of a truly high quality embroidered reproduction of their brands logo and graphic.

Experts in embroidering all types of apparel Alice provides embroidery services to hundreds of companies, teams and organizations in Canada.

One of Orders…

Want to have just one or two items embroidered or monogrammed? Would you like to create a one of a kind gift for someone special, a unique memento for a job well done or maybe just to treat yourself? Monogrammed apparel presented as a gift or memento indicates you where willing to do more, to make an out of the ordinary effort to create something special just for them.

Embroidered Patches

Alice has produced thousands of embroidered patches in their 20 years in business.

Police and fire department across Canada have patches embroidered by Alice displayed proudly on their uniforms. Alice knows how important it is to first responders to have clear insignia to help in identifying different departments and their authorities.That is why Alice insists on producing only the absolute highest quality embroidered patches in the industry.

Alice manufactures embroidered patches for

Embroidered Clothing and Accessories

Experts in embroidering all types of apparel Alice provides embroidery services to hundreds of companies, teams and organizations in Canada.

Alice has the experience and know-how required to help clients find the best way to display their brand in an embroidered format that enhances the design and unique features of each logo.

Alice has access to all types of sportswear, work-wear and outerwear.

Alice can embroider your logo onto almost any type of apparel or cloth material. Alice can even monogram linens and towels for the hotel industry.




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